GMC: Thoughts on the moon.

Yeah, I know, I’m posting a lot a once. That’s what happens when you live way out in the country, have no internet, and go into town like twice a week.

I’m tentatively posting this under the God of the Month Club because one of this month’s Deities, Khonsu, is a Moon God. This is just a quick thought and not a long post. When I moved out to the homestead, I expected to have to use flashlights at night a lot. But except for about one week a month, I really don’t. It’s amazing out bright the full moon really is. You can’t even really comprehend it until you get out of the city, where the street lamps are a constant, steady light that is the same every night. Except for the deepest parts of the woods, the full or near-full moon really does illuminate the night. When I take my dogs out at night to do their business, I don’t use my flashlight most of the time anymore. A few days ago I walked to my neighbor’s property at dusk to talk with them for a few minutes, and when I left I walked home in the dark with only the moon to light my path. And I could see just fine. When you are raised in the city and it’s implied that you can’t see outside at night without electricity, it’s a bit of a revelation. Living out in the woods, being closer to nature, has made me feel closer to my spiritual ancestors as well. While I can ‘t ever fully put myself in their shoes, I feel like I understand them better. It makes it easier to see why ancient people worshiped the moon. It also makes it easy to understand why some cultures thought that a monster was trying to devour the moon at the dark of the month. Some nights, the sky out here is so clear, I just look up at the stars and the moon in awe. I am so blessed to be out here.

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