Collage Art: Herakles / Hercules

Besides Aphrodite, Eros, and Hermes, today is also dedicated to Herakles, better known by His Roman name Hercules. Herakles was a widely popular God in the ancient world. Many times a God such as Herakles or Asklepios, who was born mortal and ascended to Olympos at the time of their death, were considered to be more kindly disposed to humanity, more understanding of our troubles and mistakes, and more likely to intervene on our behalf than those Deities Who have always been Immortal. Herakles’ great physical strength and mental endurance through great hardships thrown at him throughout his life was also something that both the ancient Greeks and Romans admired. He is the archetypal Hero, who turns hardships and obstacles into triumphs and opportunity.

Page 1: Left Side of the Binder


Page 2: Right side of the Binder




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