A herm for Hermes

IMG_20160306_163722Today is the 4th of the lunar month, the day sacred to Hermes in the Athenian reckoning. As  well as Aphrodite, Eros, and Herakles. I think it’s the busiest of the monthly days, but for now I’m going to focus on Hermes. I’m sharing a picture of the simple herm that I built on one corner of my property. It’s actually on the corner where three private roads  converge, two of which line my land. When I first built it I dedicated it with a prayer and by pouring a shot of whiskey over the top. I think Hermes was pleased, because later that day we got an unexpected refund of $140, without having to return the chainsaw it was for! the stated reason for refund was “delivery took too long”. That was a freaking shock, let me tell you! That was about a month ago. Today when I get home, I’m planning on doing another short prayer and libation before the herm. So far this is the only permanet altar or shrine that is set up yet.

I’m starting to feel more and more at home in Missouri. I found a Unitarian church in Rolla to go to, and I’m starting to feel part of the community. I’m starting a job tomorrow.  My brother found out that you can get free compost from the Rolla Recycling Center, which is a HUGE deal for us. Today we spent the last of our Michigan food stamps on fruit trees which are already like 9 feet tall. They will probably start bearing fruit this year. We got two varieties of peaches, two kinds of plums, and two pears. We can’t plant apples until we cut down all the cedar trees on our property, since cedar carries apple rust disease. But we now have the beginnings of our orchard / food forest. I get chills thinking about it. I’ve wanted this for so long and its finally happening! The peaches are already flowering. They’re gorgeous. I’ll take pictures today to post another time. I’ll have to start praying to Pomona, the Roman Goddess of orchards.

On that subject, one of the coolest things about moving here is that the climate matches up to my religious festivals so much better. I mean, Anthesteria was a few weeks ago, and Michigan is always still covered in snow during the Festival of Flowers. This is wine-country, too, so I’m sure Dionysos’ Presence will be powerful here. I just saw a local wine in Big Lots today made a couple of towns over, that I can’t wait to try, when I get some extra spending money. My neighbor’s sheep have lambed. The goats have kidded, the cows have calved. Yes, I don’t have any animals of my own yet, besides my crazy dogs. But just being in the country makes me so happy. I already feel more connected to nature. I get to see the cycles around me. Even the stars are amazing. Someone who has lived in the shadow of Chicago’s pollution has no idea how bright they can be. I love it here.


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