GMC: Some interesting links

Just a quick one here, not quite the long essay I wrote last time, lol. I’ve gathered some links for each of the Gods of the Month, so you can go forth and so studying and thinking of your own on each of these very intriguing Deities. Some of these are mythological “just the facts” types of sites, and some of them are blog posts from various practicing pagans across the ‘nets. The last link in the ‘Agathos Daimon’ section is a googlebook that goes right to page where He is mentioned (that’s why the link is so hideously long). Just thought I’d share some of the interesting things I’ve run across in my research! Okay, okay, this is also just in case I don’t do as much writing essays and rituals as I had planned, so you guys can at least see some of what I am looking at and draw your own conclusions. I still have a week, but I also have some vital stuff on the homestead that must be done this week as well! So, here you go, have fun, and please share any insights you have, anything you find interesting, anything you are confused about, whatever! Let’s talk about some Gods!


Agathos Daimon:








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