I Suck At Titles …… Or, What I Have Been Up To

So, I have not posted for the GMC as much as I had hoped this month. Rest assured that I have not forgotten, I am continuing to research and work on my thoughts, and hopefully by the end of the month come up with a ritual or two as well. I have been working on my writing while on the road between Michigan and Missouri, so sometimes if I don’t respond to a message for a while, it means either there’s no wifi anywhere near me or I’m too dead tired to deal with it right then.

My brother and I made another trip to Missouri this week. We were intending to put the windows into our cabin, but the weather didn’t cooperate. We bought the windows but it was either too rainy to move our stuff out of the cabin or too cold to work. In fact it was 6 degrees last night! Missouri didn’t get all the lake effect snow that the Michiana area is getting, at least, but still. We ended up having to get a motel for a few nights, because the cabin is not insulated yet. We have to put the windows in before we can insulate it! The trip was not entirely wasted however, we did take another load of stuff out. Even more exciting, we got our new chainsaw and chopped down a few trees.

It went through trees several feet thick like freakin’ butter. Having the right tools, the GOOD tools, makes all the difference. The trees we chopped down are common cedar, which is apparently not a “real” cedar but a juniper. In any case, when we get back for the next trip we are going to build raised garden beds out of them. Like cedar, the juniper is hard, aromatic, expensive wood. It will last a long time as a raised bed, probably at least 10 years  for the outside wood, and the heartwood, the inside of the  tree, about 4o or so (pine planks would only last a season or two, three at the most, before rotting completely out). And we got it completely free! We are going to utilize the resources already on the land! Its terribly exciting.

Oh, and did I mention we got the chainsaw for about 50% off? Our luck the last month has been INSANE. I keep leaving dimes at crossroads for Hermes, and last night I did a quick ritual with my portable altar in the motel room to offer Him barley (at some point I’ll take pictures and show my portable altar kit if anyone is interested). Since I started actively paying cultus to Hermes, things we need are practically dropping out of the fucking SKY. While driving to McDonalds one day (back in Michigan), we noticed a high-efficiency washer sitting on the curb by someone’s trash. We jumped out and grabbed it, and after testing it, discovered that it works just fine! Someone threw out a perfectly good washer, probably because they upgraded. And since it’s a high- efficiency one, it’ll be okay to run on solar panels, once we get those up (solar panels will be a while. Windows, insulation, rain water collection, and a well are the priorities right now). Oh, and We discovered an old cast-iron tub the same way, by someone’s TRASH, not far from  the county road on our land is on. Our luck has been crazy. Every time something expectantly fortunate happens, I take a moment out to thank Hermes. He really seems to want to be a part of my life and this homestead. I’m going to have to set up a herm for Him on it soon.

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