The God of the Month Club Returns!

So, for those of my followers who are not aware, Neos Alexandria used to have a thing called the God of the Month Club, where we picked three Gods from our syncretic Greco-Egyptian Pantheon, and we collectively study them, mediate on them, do rituals, and share our insights. It was something that Sannion started way back in the day, as a way for the Neos Alexandria members to learn about Gods that they would not usually have contact with, and to generate content for the site and create modern hymns and art in the names of the Gods. I enjoyed it immensely and found the discussions it generated not only educational and fascinating, not only helpful in my own spiritual practice, but also a great way to spark my creativity for my writing, art and other projects. Just as importantly, or perhaps more so, it also served to remind me that the world is full of Gods and Divinities, spirits and nymphs, most of Whom I have never met and some I never even heard of.

I missed the God of the Month Club. So I volunteered to take it over. The Board approved my request, and now I’ll be the new hostess of the Neos Alexandria God of the Month Club. W00t!!! Ahem.

My method of picking the Gods was to write the names of the entire NA pantheon on blank flash cards and to shuffle them and see Who comes up. Super simple cartomancy, I guess. I’m making a change to the prior format, however. Instead of studying three Gods from our pantheon,  we will study two from ours and one from some other country or region. I’ve enjoyed writing stuff for other Gods that are usually not in my wheelhouse, like Odin or Amaterasu, and I think it can be very valuable and foster understanding between Pagans of different paths. I’ll be cross-posting my own musings and poetry and whatever comes of the GMC project on this blog, as well as the Neos Alexandria yahoogroup, and the NA facebook page.

So, let’s get this show on the road, shall we? This month the Gods from the NA pantheon are Bes and the Agathos Daimon, and the God from the “other” category is Chang-E/Chang-O (ancient Chinese Goddess of the moon, primarily). I’m already working on something about Bes, the Agathos Daimon, and household worship that I’m hoping to have up in a few days. I hope you’ll join me in this journey and share any insights of your own as we go along.

Yours in the Gods,

Amanda Artemisa Forrester

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1 Response to The God of the Month Club Returns!

  1. ibgreenie3 says:

    I look forward to your presentation of the “God/Gods of the month.”

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