Pictures of Our Land and Cabin

I’ve been promising these for a while. I hadn’t gotten around to taking them off the camera, but here they are now! Some of these pictures were taken in the beginning of December and some near the end of December. We have already done several trips out to Rolla to take loads of our stuff, and it’ll probably only be a few more, but now the weather in Michigan is bad enough we have to wait a few weeks. Crud. My brother is planning on another trip within a few weeks, this one to work on insulating the cabin and making the first steps to getting it livable. If all goes well, we’ll be out there in three months or so!!


This is the little bridge we have to cross to get there. Its stronger than it looks. This is also the part that was flooded over in the video I posted a few weeks ago:


Our plot is at the very top of the hill above the little river, so even when it floods badly, our land will most like be okay. Below is the few shots of the cabin itself. I’m standing next to it for refrence to its size. Keep in mind that the cabin is unfinished, which we knew when we bought it. The foundation and the roofing is the most expensive parts of building it anyway, and those are brand new.


There’s not many pictures of the inside, but here’s what I have. Again, I know these pictures are not very impressive, its basically just a framework to start from. But there is so much potential here. I’ll post more as we start building up the insulation and such if anyone is interested in the process of it all coming together. There is no ladder to get into the loft yet, so the picture of that is not very good, but the loft is pretty big.


Here are some pictures of the land itself, or the clearing where the cabin is built. These were taken in December. I can’t wait to see it in the summer when everything is green.



So, that’s all the pictures I have for now.  What you don’t see is that the woods are filled with white oak, also called post oak, because it is used for fence posts. That alone is going to save me a lot of money when its time to fence. I’m excited about using the natural resources of the land that are already there. There is also a lot of brush clearing that needs to be done before we can plant, we are not sure how much of a garden we’ll be able to have this year yet. But it’s happening, it’s really happening. Not much longer. I wish we could go right now, but its too damn cold to be in an uninsulated cabin right now! Our tax returns are coming, soon and between the two of us we should hopefully have enough to fix it up. Wish us luck. We are dying to get out there, but we also really don’t want to rush it before everything is ready. Le sigh.

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1 Response to Pictures of Our Land and Cabin

  1. Sarenth says:

    It’s coming along well, and I am excited to see how things move forward! You definitely have my well-wishing. It’s really hard to see what you want to do and not rush full-tilt at it, so you have my regards in showing restraint, too!

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