Collage Art: Hermes

I’ve had some seemingly “random” lucky things happen since the Noumenia ritual when I formally invited Hermes in to build a deeper relationship with Him. Today I went to McDonalds for a few hours, just to get out of the house, with my laptop and my brother. It’s something we do sometimes when we have a little cabin fever, but no money to do much else. We only had enough money to get each of us a soda, and we had a couple of coupons for free sandwiches. While I was waiting for my free sandwich, an employee behind the counter asked me “Do you want an iced mocha?” After being confused for a few seconds, I discovered that the employee had accidentally made the wrong kind of coffee for someone in the drive-thru and had to get rid of it. I’m broke as hell, but I love coffee. Even McCafe coffee is a luxury for me right now — gotta save all my money for the move to Missouri, if I get any. It was awesome, a great little lucky boon from Hermes. I’ve NEVER had anything like that happen to me before. I just had to share that story. It’s kind of a silly thing, really, but something that shows that the Gods really do take an interest in our everyday lives, I suppose.

So, in honor of Hermes’ random gift to me, I thought I’d share not only the story but His collage page my devotional binder. I actually made this collage a few years ago and never did anything with it, like most of the collages I’ve been posting lately. I just have not shared any of my art until I started coming back to …. do I say the community? No, I guess its more to the Gods and the community is just kind of  a byproduct of that. Anywho.


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