Song for Kybele


On this, Kybele’s holy day

Worshipers gather in the dark

The drums pound out a deepening sound

Firelight flickers, casting an eerie glow

The priestess dances

Whirling around

Feet never touching the ground

Her long hair swirls around her face

A halo, a crown, a black fog

She spins and spins, in her own world

Delirious and ecstatic

Drunk on Divinity

The people chant, the people pray

They cry out to Kybele, the Mountain Mother

Rhea of the Phrygians

Chanting Her ancient names

The priestess continues to dance

Her skirts flying

Her body perpetually in motion

She embodies the wildness of her Mother’s realm

The grace of the lioness

And killer instinct

Reflected in hard muscle.

Rhea-Kybele, Mother of the Gods,

Mistress of the Wild,

Looks on,

And approves.

The drums pound.

And the priestess dances.

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