Collage Art: Hekate

Tonight, the last night of the lunar month, belongs to Hekate in the Athenian calendar. Tomorrow is the New Moon, or Noumenia, starting a new cycle in Greek reckoning. Not the new year, since that’s the first new moon after the summer solstice. I’m not sure what month is starting up either, since its been so long since I’ve practiced. I am going to have to do some math-alating and calculate out my ritual schedule now that I am getting back into this. But I thought I’d end the night by leaving you guys with the collage art for Hekate below.


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1 Response to Collage Art: Hekate

  1. ibgreenie3 says:

    What a unique & beautiful tribute to the Goddess Hekate!
    It is stunning. If that could be reproduced as a poster, it would be extremely popular.
    But when we make a devotional picture/poster for a God or Goddess, it is the person’s love & passion that makes it so precious in the eyes of the Deity.
    Blessings of Hekate, Light in the darkness.

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