So, we know why our land was so cheap….

So, just before New Years, we made another trip to Rolla. This video was taken on December 28th. Luckily,  a few days later the water had receded enough that we could get to our cabin to leave the truckload of stuff we had made the trip for in the first place. But the flooding did make it hard to get out of Missouri, too, with all the detours!

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2 Responses to So, we know why our land was so cheap….

  1. Sólveig says:

    It could be worse, I think. And for example, some people have their cabins somewhere in the mountains or woods. Snow and ice can be a similar problem there. If this flood is something that comes every year, you will learn to deal with it and prepare to always have enough food and supplies in the house. I have a friend who has his restaurant close to the Rhine (Germany). When there is a high tide in the spring, people have to use a boat to get to him. After some time you will get used to it. You are very lucky, that your cabin is safe.

    • Oh yeah, its something we’ll learn to deal with. We are very lucky that our cabin is on the highest part of the hill, too, so even when the floods are serious we will most likely be in the safe zone. It was a surprise we weren’t expecting, though, definitely a curveball! But I’m sure we’ll survive ;).

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