Road-Trippin’ – Con’t

12/6/15 1am local time

Alex doesn’t want to sleep. He’s looking for it anyway. He told me I can go back to sleep, but I can’t when the truck is moving and I know he’s just as exhausted as me. This is gonna SUCK.

12/6/15 2 am local time

It’s too damn dark to be doing this. We have been driving up and down the same screch of country road over and over. A couple of times Alex pulled into people’s driveways unwittingly, which scared me, its 2 am and I didn’t want to wake anyone up! What if they thought we were going to rob them? Of course, this is the country, maybe they would just give us directions and a plate of cookies! Alex is mad that I’m not doing a good job helping him. I’m mad because I woke up at 5:30 am yesterday, and when I thought we were going to sleep just now I took my night meds. So I’m hardly conscious …. In and out.

12/6/15  4 am local time

Found it. Cabin is in better shape than the pictures on the website shows! Its awesome. I’m really going to sleep more. I’ll write more about it all tomorrow.

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