So. It’s official. My brother and I own 5 acres in Missouri. I just signed the papers. Its real. I have a homestead to go to. We aren’t going to move out there right away, but this weekend we are going to drive out there to assess it, do some planning, figure out what needs to be done so we can make a timetable, decided where the garden and the pasture is going to be, and probably plant some cover crops to improve the soil. My Gods, part of me can’t believe this is happening. I’ve wanted this soooo badly for so long, for over 5 years now.

In a way, what’s even more amazing than getting this land is what it means. The Gods are real, and They DO answer prayers!! I feel renewed, reborn. For several years I’ve gone through a lot of crap. I’ve seen so much of the darkness and evil that exists in the world and in the human heart, and I began to doubt the existence of the Gods. Of any Deity. It’s the age-old Problem of Evil. How can there be a benevolent Deity of any kind when there is so much darkness in the world? It’s something that people have probably struggled with since we were sentient enough to think and to worship, and it will probably continue to be struggled with as long as our species exists (and maybe longer). I fell away from my beliefs, and I have not practiced in several years.

Sometime in the 2nd or 3rd week of November, I spontaneously set up an altar to Artemis, a little before I posted the “starting over” post. I just felt the random urge to do so. I wanted to believe, desperately, but I didn’t know if I could. So I prayed to Artemis, spilling out my soul and telling Her everything, asking Her to help me find a wooded property I could turn into a working homestead. In return I promised to name it Artemis Acres. Now it has been less than a moon’s turn from that heartfelt plea, and almost like magic, I own it. How’s that for the power of prayer? How could I ever doubt again? PRAISE THE THEOI! PRAISE ARTEMIS!!!

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5 Responses to WE OWN LAND!!!!

  1. That’s wonderful news! Will you share pictures? So happy for you!

    • Absolutely! We will indeed be taking pictures this weekend! We are going to camp out there for at least one night. For obvious reasons there will be no wifi (ha!), but I will keep extensive notes/journaling about it to blog when we get back. The pictures won’t be super-high quality tho. I am planning on buying a much nicer camera soon though since I really want to keep a good record of this whole journey, for now, the camera we will be using will be workable but not super-high res.

  2. Strix says:

    Congrats! I’m happy to hear this! ❤

  3. Sarenth says:

    Congratulations! Praise the Theoi! Praise Artemis! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats, and Blessings, I plan on moving my small temple to Missouri sometime in the near future. the state is great for homesteading/nature lovers

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