Call for Submissions – Tales and Poems of the Feminine Divine

Neos Alexandria devotional to Female Divine. Link here.


We celebrate the divine feminine in all forms. From well known deities to those not so widely appreciated, we want stories of goddesses. Take us to Asgard, to Olympus, to the far East or ancient Egypt; to the great plains, humid jungles, or mountain heights of the Americas; to the islands of the Pacific and the Atlantic; to New York and Tokyo and Johannesburg; to worlds that never were, worlds that might be, and worlds yet undiscovered — wherever your spirit takes you. Dive into whatever pantheon you desire and bring us your best tales of the Divine Feminine.

Send us your speculative fiction short stories (between 100 to 10,000 words) and poems. The longer the story, though, the stronger it needs to be. Long-form poems are welcome, but, again, they must hold our interest. Prose-poems will find an appreciative audience. Every sub genre of speculative fiction is welcome, from epic fantasy to hard science fiction to horror to magical realism to steampunk to space opera to sword and sorcery. Stories can be any tone, but the overly gruesome or erotic probably won’t be the editor’s cup of tea. If you think you have something that is a little outside these guidelines, but might work, query.

No attachments: submit the story or poem in the body of an email. You can submit more than one item. Poems can be submitted together, but send stories or prose poems separately.

No plagiarism. Reprints are acceptable, provided the author retains control of the work. Upon acceptance, the author will be required to sign a permission to publish form; contributors retain all rights. All contributors will receive a coupon code which will allow them to purchase three copies at-cost; contributors will also be provided with a free .pdf for personal use.

Send all submissions and queries to editor Gerri Leen at Submissions open 1 June 2015 and close 1 January 2016, with a projected release date of Spring 2016.

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