Closer than I thought to my Dream Homestead

Okay, don’t want to jinx it here, but I **may** be buying a 5 acre wooded property, even with an unfinished cabin on it already, in a few weeks. If this works, it should definitely go through before Yule. If it happens, it won’t be ready to live at full-time for 6 months to a year, so I would be staying where I’m at for now, working to make money to buy the things I’ll need to turn the property into a working homestead. I’m freaking out a little. I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but it’s hard not to. I’ve been turned down for mortgages here in Indiana a few times, owing to my less than stellar credit. But this place is owned by a company that buys up undeveloped land, splits it into smallish lots, and sells it for a low downpayment WITH NO CREDIT CHECK. Few people want land with nothing on it yet, but its perfect to me, I’m willing to put a lot of hard work into it. The property taxes are only 25 dollars a year and the monthly payment is less than 200. Again, NO CREDIT CHECK.

The  strange thing is, I recently set up an altar to Artemis, and prayed to Her to help me find a wooded property to turn into a homestead and working farm. I’ve promised that if I get this place, it will be named Artemis Acres. After explaining the symbolism of Artemis to my brother, he loved the name and the sound of it. He is not Pagan but appreciates the myths and the closeness to the earth. The fact that the closet male to Artemis is Her brother Apollo is also incredibly symbolic for us, since we are siblings looking to start a farm together, instead of a couple, which seems to be more common. It looks like this might happen. Gods, please let this happen! If this sale happens less than a moon’s turn from when I desperately prayed for it, I’ll never have reason to doubt Your existence again! Please, Please, Please. Anyone reading this who wants to pray or send energy, or even just cross their fingers for me, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m so close, and I want it so badly I can taste it.

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