Collage Art: Athena

Hi all, sorry I have not posted in so long! The semester is almost over, and I have been very busy preparing for finals. I have to give a presentation this week in Philosophy of Science, and that is worth about 50% of the grade for that class. So, of course I have been focusing on that! The news for Intro to Biology is good: my midterm grade was 95%, and so far I have gotten A’s on every exam and project, and every quiz except one.

I have a scanner now, so I thought I would share a few of the collages of the Gods I have been made. These are very personal: some of the iconography is classically attested to, some of it comes from my own personal associations. [EDIT: apparently the pictures are too big to show the entire thing in the blog post. You have to click on the picture to see it all.] Page One, on the left side of the binder:


Page Two: on the right side of the binder.


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    Loving this for our Goddess of the Month focus on Athena

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