GMC poetry: Prometheus

Sorry I have not posted in a few weeks. I’ve been very busy with exams in school. I am disappointed I did not have time to discuss Prometheus as much as I would have liked. I was going to write a ritual to honor Prometheus, and another for Sekhmet, but I never got around to it. I may try to do that this weekend,
even though its late. But my second big exam in Biology is next week, so I will be studying a lot this weekend. If I don’t get to it get weekend, I will on Spring Break, which is coming up quickly. In any case, I’m posting two poems for I’ve written for Prometheus. One was written a couple years ago, one just today. This is the new one (which was written while Carl Sagan’s Cosmos was playing on my computer, lol, I’m sure it influenced what came out).

The True Gift of Prometheus
by Amanda Sioux Blake

O Glorious Titan Prometheus
Who rebelled against the rule of Zeus
And suffered for the sake of man,I sing to You.
Many poets have told the story
Of Your sacrifices, of Your daily pain.
I will not repeat it here.
I honor You for Your gift to mankind, Thief of Heaven,
And instead of Your pain, I will focus on Your teachings
On what You gave to us, the grail of Fire
That flickering flame which sprang from a smoldering fennel stalks
Changed the fate of my race
No longer did we cower in fear of wild creatures
Shivering in the cold black of night
But greater still was the fire You awoke in our minds
A curiosity about the world, a drive to learn, to create
And you did indeed teach us, O Prometheus
You taught us brickwork, metallurgy, star-gazing, the marks of written language,
All that civilized and cultured our primitive ancestors.
When You left us to face Your punishment alone,
We continued in the path You started us on.
Since that time, we have advanced to dominate the planet
We have charted the genetic code and traveled to the moon,
And no one knows what wonders we may yet discover.
O Great Titan Prometheus, it was YOU who catalyzed our growth,
And in Your Honor, I give You a new title:
The Instigator of Evolution.

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