Round-up of Interesting Links

Occupy Everything! Jason at the Wild Hunt comes out in support of the Occupy movement

Living the Heroic Life: the Real World has no Ending

Pete at the Aspis of Ares laments the lack of Ares stuff in the Pagan community

Jason at the Wild Hunt reports on an 11-year-old Pagan beginning harassed by his teacher. This is a quote from the original article: “Christopher’s teacher, Mrs. Ross, pulled him out of class and proceeded to drill him about Paganism, ending the conversation with “Paganism is not a religion.” Remember, this is an 11 year old student, with no parent present while being harassed about his religion by someone who is suppose to be an educator.” More information, along with phone numbers to call for the Superintendent, Principal and the bigoted teacher, are here.

2 shocking attacks on Atheists – and how they fought back

I said no to my student loan: one borrower’s decison to stop paying

Isis, the Black Goddess

Also from Isidora, How Do You Pronounce Isis’ Egyptian Name?

Why are Americans so desperate to marry off their women?

When is it OK to tell rape jokes?

Rats trained to locate land mines in Africa

Lykeia meditates on Where Hestia Dwells

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