A short ritual to observe the Natalis Antinoi, for groups

Cleansing the Sacred Space

Carrying the khernips, the Priest/ess walks around the ritual area, sprinkling everything with the water. Recite the following as you make your circuit:

You are washed clean by the life-giving waters of the Nile! You are pure! No man has set foot on you, for you are the primordial mound rising from the broad depths of the Ocean at the First Time. You are pure!”

Carry the bowl to each participant and let them wash their hands and face. Say:

You are washed clean by the life-giving waters of the Nile! You are pure!”

Take up the aparkhai and proceed to the shrine. Scatter the aparkhai and say:

To the givers of life, life!”



Today we gather to celebrate the Natalis Antinoi, the birth of glorious Antinous. On this day, a great light came into the world, who would be a beacon to many. Though he began life as a mortal, Antinous was destined for greatness, a greatness that wise Emperor Hadrian saw and nurtured to its blooming. A great love between the Emperor and the boy from Bithynia bloomed also, a love that would last for ages, beyond the deaths of both men. When Antinous’ fated death in the sacred Nile River came to pass, Osiris and the Gods of Egypt enfolded him in Their embrace. He ascended in glory, a newborn God, with a newborn star to mark the occasion. Today, we thank the Gods who sent him to us.

A Song for Antinous

have one of the worshipers read this hymn.

I sing of comely Antinous

Lover of wise Hadrian

Youth’s very flower

Virile and brave,

Yet sweet and gentle.

How sad the day You drowned

In the lifeblood of Aiegyptos, murky Neilos

But oh, what wonder, what sweet rejoicing

To hear of Your ascension

To the Immortal Halls of Olympos

To sit beside great Jupiter Himself

Raised on high, a blazing star

Beauty Unperishing,

Unconquered, even by Death!

O sweet liberator of men’s hearts

I greet You with awe in my breast

I offer You this milk and honey

Meager gifts, but all we have to give

Accept them, we pray

And I will continue to sing Your praises.

Wise Hadrian

have a different worshiper (if possible) read this hymn.

Of wise Hadrian, Immortal Emperor, I sing also

Great builder, designer of many wonders

He heard his people’s cries

And walked among them

He shared the hardships of his soldiers

Hardened warrior, yet man of peace

The Greekling, they called him

For a lover of Hellas was he

The only thing he loved more than learning

Was fair Antinous, the Adonis of Rome.



We pour this milk and honey, the traditional drink of heroes, in thanks to Antinous the daimon.

We give this beer, with bread, the traditional offering of Aieyptos, in remembrance of the drowned boy in the Nile.

And we offer this plate of food, a portion of our feast, to the mighty Hellenistic God that Antinous became!

Final step: FEAST!!

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2 Responses to A short ritual to observe the Natalis Antinoi, for groups

  1. Beautifully done! I shall post a link to this on my blog today! Thank you for sharing this!

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