Round-up of interesting links

Hindu Diwali festival

Sannion at the House of Vines discusses the subject of spiritual tattoos

An interview with Corvus about the attack on the Temple of Jupiter Perrunus in the Ukraine

Why did the Native American people convert to Christianity?

Mexican Day of the Dead becoming more popular in the US

Goddess of Mercy an important figure for Vietnamese Buddhists

One Husband, Three Wives: NPR interviews the polygamist family that inspired the HBO TV series ‘Big Love’

The Turtle Island 42 Initiative asks “what do you stand for?”

A magical reflection on Enviromentalism

Jason at the Wild Hunt celebrates Samhain

Andrew Bowen was interviewed about his month as a Wiccan on Interfaith Radio

Occupy Wall Street isn’t anti-corporation, it’s anti-corporate crime

Pagan priestess and activist Starhawk talks about her return to Oakland

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