More Intresting Links

An update on the attack of the Temple of Jupiter Perennus in the Ukraine from M. Horatius Piscinus. Good to know that the priest has been released from the hospital.

The bodies of 7 murdered shamans from Peru have been found, and 7 more are missing, presumed dead. Certain Christian groups in the area consider the indigenous shamans to be demonic, so it is likely that religious intolerance is at fault. Jason at the Wild Hunt reports.

Pictures from the Dussehra festival in India

Dver reports on her busy festival schedule of late. Includes some beautiful pictures!

Kemetic Reconnaissance talks about misconceptions surrounding Set

Poppaeus considers the opposition to use of the word “Pagan”

Talking with Isis

2 thoughts on “More Intresting Links”

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I just recently found your blog. So far I like what I see. I have great affection for Isis, it was She that bought me into studying Egypt and considering myself a Greco-Egyptian Pagan. And She had to break down some of my walls to do it!

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