Midsummer Song

Midsummer Song

by Amanda Artemisia Forrester


Helios burns at His zenith

For the fiery Sun rules this day

The brother of Selene halts His chariot in the sky

To watch the mortals celebrating below



Build the bonfire high

And dance barefoot under the sky!
Feast and be merry!

For tomorrow the nights will be longer

And the slow decline into winter will begin


So rejoice in the gifts of the sun

Ripened fruits and first grains

Helios’ heated rays caressing your skin

Flowers in bloom and greenest grass


Hail Helios!

Who reigns supreme today!
Hail Helios!

Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun!
Hail Helios!
Fiery orb of Apollo

Hail Helios!

I raise my voice in praise to Helios

He wans tomorrow,




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2 Responses to Midsummer Song

  1. Khaire Helios Eleutherios! Khaire Apollon Phosophoros!

  2. Stephen Glaser says:

    All Hail Father Sun!

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