A Prayer for Father’s Day

I realize I am posting this two days late, but this weekend was taken up by preparing for and conducting a handfasting ritual for two friends of mine.


A Prayer for Father’s Day

by Amanda Artemisia Forrrester


Hail to Ouranos, the First Father!

Expansive primordial spirit

Father of the First Gods

Blue-black, with stars for His beard

Sky Father, I hail You!


Hail to Zeus, King of the Gods!
Father of Gods and Men

Family man, Who protects young children

And looks after the food stores.

Head of the household, I hail You!

Hail Hermes, proud father of Pan!
Who delights in His goat-footed Son

And brought Him to Olympos

For all the Gods to see.

Arkadian shepherd, I hail You!


Hail to Silenos, Father of the Satyrs!

Foster-father and teacher of Dionysos, drunken but wise

Hail to Kherion, teacher and fosterer of many heroes

Wounded healer, Who imparts the knowledge of herbs and earth

Wise foster-fathers, I hail You!

Hail also to the fathers who have gone before me

The ancestors of my bloodline

But also the men not related to me

Who nonetheless play or have played

The role of father in my life.


On this day, I pray for the welfare of fathers everywhere

Divine Fathers, watch over us.

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1 Response to A Prayer for Father’s Day

  1. I am really impressed. What a great father’s day poem!

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