A Prayer for Mother’s Day

A Prayer for Mother’s Day

by Amanda Artemisia Forrester


Hail to Gaia, the First Mother!

Primal Protogenos, Whom we live upon

She Who mothered the first Beings in existence

The mother of nymphs and Gods, animals and mortals

Earth Mother,  I hail You!


Hail to Rheia, Mother of the Gods!
Rich-haired Titaness, mother of Zeus

Who plotted to free Her captive children from Their cruel father

Drumming woman on the mountain-top

Loyal Lady, I hail You!


Hail to Hera, Queen of Olympos!

Cow-eyed Goddess of Argos, Divine wife,

Co-parent with Zeus, mother of great children

Warriors and craftsmen, unrivaled in power

Queen of Queens, I hail You!


Hail to Demeter, Mother of the Grain!

Merciful mother of Kore, beloved by mortals

Golden-haired as the wheat, gentle as spring rain

Guardian of single mothers

Goddess Who feeds us, I hail You!


Hail also to the mothers who have gone before me

The ancestors of my bloodline

But also the women not related to me

Who nonetheless play or have played

The role of mother in my life.


On this day, I pray for the welfare of mothers everywhere

Divine Mothers, watch over us.

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