Last night’s ritual

Last night was a beautiful ritual. I baked blueberry-walnut muffins as one of the offerings, and two other people were in attendance, including one woman who has not been able to make it to ritual in a while. It was a nice night, wonderful to see my friend, and after the ritual I led a guided meditation to meet Isis in a Temple by the Nile. The ritual was new, but the meditation was the same one I led two or three years ago when I first offered worship to Isis. This is a special holiday for me in that respect, the anniversary of when I first began to tentatively worship the Egyptian Gods. I now feel Alexandria is my spiritual home, and so this festival, the Panegyris, is the anniversary of my homecoming spiritually. After the ritual we drummed for the Goddess. I love drumming, I really feel it adds a lot to a ritual. It grounds the ritual working in the physical world and is itself a great offering to the Gods. It was a great evening. Putting these rituals on is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding. I really enjoy it, nothing fills by heart with song like worshiping the Gods, especially in community. Next month we will be holding a festival for Hermes and a ritual to connect with the ancestors. I can’t wait!

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