A Prayer for Earth Day

A Prayer for Earth Day

by Amanda Artemisia Forrester


Hail to Gaia, Mother Earth!

Primordial Being, First-born Goddess,

On this, Your sacred day, we honor You

And remember – without You, we are nothing

We have no home, no life, but for You

May we be good custodians, and care for You, Our Mother.


Hail to Demeter, Mother of the Grain!

Lady of agriculture, giver of food

Adorned in corn-ears, wheat-sheaves in Your arms

Teach us the wisdom of planting

To yield enough crops, without overworking the soil

May we feed the world with Your benevolence.


Hail to Pan, primal God of forest!

Horned One, Goat-footed, synthesis is Thy name

Native son of two realms, both God and animal

Haunter of the forest, help us in our efforts to renew Your realm

May we always see the Divinity in all life

And realize the weight of our responsibilities to world


Hail to Artemis, Virgin Huntress!

Protectress of animals great and small

You Who protect the young of all species,

Teach us the balance of the ecosystem

When to conserve, and when to desist

So that no species outweighs another.


Hail all You Gods and Goddesses of wild nature

And of tilled and cultivated land.

May we humans remember that we are not the only species living on Gaia’s bountiful body

And that all must live in harmony,

I vow to fight pollution, deforestation, all the ills of a society that forgets You

Ever will I care for You, Mother Gaia.

May I remember You on all days of the year

And that my choices affect every life on this planet.

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