It’s been a while since I have posted, again real-life projects have kept me away. I am constantly surprised how quickly time seems to pass when one is occupied. Last Friday was the public Festival of Artemis Leukophryrene. Two other people were in attendance, and offering homemade muffins with birthday candles as a modern version of the ancient amphiphontes cakes. The ritual I wrote wasn’t the most inspired I have done, we used only the homeric hymn to Artemis. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ancient hymns, but I usually like to do a mixture of ancient and modern hymns. I did not write one for Artemis this time. My mind was too full of the ancestors to get into the spirit of Artemis fully. They have been hovering around me lately. At some point I will have to hold a public ritual for the ancestors, they have been on my mind and in my dreams and I feel they are pushing for acknowledgment.

Today I am celebrating the Alexandrian Dionysia by watching my DVDs of the first season of HBO’s Rome. I don’t particularly like their treatment of Marc Antony and Kleopatra, but I love the guy who plays Julius Caesar. When I think of Caesar the image in my mind is the Caesar from HBO’s Rome. And the series really captured the spirit of Rome, both in its beauty and its ugliness.

This coming Friday, the 22nd, will be the next public ritual, this one in honor of Isis as She was syncretized with the Hellenistic Goddess of Good Fortune, Agathe Tykhe. This holiday has special significance for me, as it was the first ritual I ever performed for Isis two years ago. This was not just the first time I honored Isis, but the first time that I worshiped any Egyptian Deity. It is the anniversary of when I first gave up fighting Isis and started to truly consider myself a Greco-Egyptian Pagan. So I am very much looking forward to it. 🙂

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2 Responses to Celebrations

  1. eklogai says:

    I love hearing about all the festivals your temple celebrates! And yeah, I really din’t care for the portrayal of Antony and Kleopatra in HBO’s Rome though the rest of the series was pretty good, especially in its portrayal of religion.

  2. Woops. That was me. Gotta remember to sign out. Also, happy anniversary!

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