More Books and Rediscovery Day

Yesterday I went to the South Bend Library Book Sale, and I made out like a bandit! I spent only $33, and got a HUGE bag of over 40 books, most of them good, scholarly stuff on Greece and Egypt, with titles like “Daily Life of the Etruscans”, “In the Shadow of the Pyramids”, and “What Life was like When Rome Ruled the world” and “What life was like On the Banks of the Nile”. When will I have a chance to read these books? I have no fricking idea. But the library sale gives me a happy anyway, dragging home a bag of books I can’t possibly finish before the next sale next month, which I will most assuredly be attending as well. I know, I know, I have a sickness. I’m aware I’m a bookaholic.

Today is the 82nd anniversary of the rediscovery of the city of Ugarit, and I decided to do a little ritual for the Canaanite and Middle-Eastern Gods. I highly doubt it will become a regular thing with me, I have enough Gods and too many festivals to celebrate already. But I spent so much time writing hymns to Them for Anointed, the Bibliotheca Alexandria devotional to the Middle-Eastern Gods, that it seems a shame not to use them in ritual just once. Since I don’t have any statues of them, I made a college yesterday to be my icon. Some pictures I printed from the internet, some I cut from a Sacred Source catalog, some from a middle-eastern magazine. I made cous-cous to be the food offering. Then I plan to spend the rest of the evening reading Whisper of Stone and possibly doing some of the writing for Ereshkigal’s class. So without further ado, I’d better go and actually do my ritual before my boyfriend wakes up from his nap! (don’t ask. Our body clocks are sooooo screwed up.)

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