Weekly Athena Devotions

Today I did my personal weekly ritual of devotion to Athena. I have been doing it roughly every week, but it has not been on the same day each week. I’m having trouble scheduling it around the other people in the home I live with. I like to spend several hours, if possible, after the ritual with my music up loud and working on my devotional writing, or in meditation. Today my boyfriend was gone for several hours, while our roommate was working, so I had time to take a ritual bath beforehand. In this weeks ritual I used the new hymn I wrote for Her which I posted earlier, In Honor of Athena Owl-Eyed. I offered the Goddess pizza, since it was all the food I had in the house at the moment and it was a sacrifice since I *LOVE* pizza. ::laughs:: Welcome to modern Pagan worship! I’ve taken to using Lykeia’s beautiful painting as my Athena icon, setting it up behind the altar on an adjustable easel. (the picture is from a previous week, this time I used the altar in my study.) Nothing has never been as evocative for me, this painting is probably one of the best religious icons I have ever had. It just breathes with life. I was inspired to write two new hymns in Her honor before my boyfriend came home. They need to be edited and touched up a little, but if I keep doing this every week than I’ll be filling up the pages of the NA Athena devotional. The official call for submissions has not gone out yet, I will post it here as soon as it does, but I am getting ready for it anyway.

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3 Responses to Weekly Athena Devotions

  1. Stephen Glaser says:

    Beautiful altar, and I remember how it was trying to dodge other people and do my spiritual work. It is no wonder Hindus often wake up at 4 AM, shower/bathe, and then do their thing. It IS a sacrifice, although I used to be the one that nearly got sacrificed when I woke my late mother (when she was alive) with the shower at that time of the morning.

  2. What a gorgeous shrine! Can’t wait to read your new hymns!

  3. Oh my the kind things you have said of the painting. I am so happy that it resonnates so well with you, that is exactly what an artist appreciates with devotional art work. An actual connection with the peice.
    Life can certainly get in the way a bit, so it is always wonderful to be able to grab those treasured moments of peace for a bit of personal indepth religious time between yourself and your goddess πŸ™‚
    As for the poems, I am quite certain that they have turned out great! Do let me know when you are looking to make a call out for stuff for Athena, I will see if I can come up with something. I think I have two partial poems for her that I never finished when I was doing my poetry book. And one really nice one that I did for a contest but never got around to submitting because of lack of internet access. So do let us all know! πŸ™‚

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