Another War? – A Prayer Born of Frustration

A prayer born of frustration

by Amanda Sioux Blake


Mighty Lady of the Battlefield, glorious Athena, to Thee I pray

Fierce Ares, defeated only by the fair Lady of Love,

I direct my prayer to You as well

My country is embroiled in a third war

Another front for our young soldiers to die on

More civilians to lose their homes to bombs

Another despot to dispose of, and leave in his place …… what?

O God and Goddess of War, stand with our troops

Protect them from enemy fire

So they may return to their families

Stand also with our leaders

To help them make wise decisions

And find a path to peace

Stand with the people of Libya, who are caught in the middle

The ancient home of the Amazons

Now oppressed and yearning for freedom.

O Athena, O Ares, I see no way out.

May You in Your Divine wisdom

Find the path we cannot see

And set us upon it.

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