A poem – You Stand Strong

You Stand Strong

By Amanda Artemisia Forrester


O mighty head-born daughter of Zeus

Virgin Goddess, chaste purity incarnate

Lady of both war and peace

Truly You are the greatest Goddess of the Greeks!

For not even fierce Ares can defeat You in battle

And Your crafts are equal to those of Hephaistos, the Divine Smith

Your beauty rivals queenly Hera’s and golden Aphrodite’s

Though You keep Your heart to Yourself

And decline to give Yourself in love to man or God.

Your power pervades the lives of all who reside in the city, Your sacred sphere

Goddess of governments and courts, market-places and homes,

Defender of all these places, You stand strong, lance in hand

Ready to defeat any enemy who dares to threaten Your people

Lady of Athens, stand with me in my own battles.

Though I do not carry a sword, or a gun

I must fight just the same.

Lend me Your strength, Your clear bright mind

Spread Your protective aegis over my shoulders

And let all who oppose me

See Your power, Your spirit

Flashing in my own determined eyes

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