The Kalasha

The Kalasha are a tribe of fair-skinned, blue-eyed pagans living in the hills of Northern Pakistan. It’s believed that they are the descendants of the army of Alexander the Great as he passed through this region. The woman are very sexually liberated for the area. They are free to choose who they marry, and if their husband mistreats them or it doesn’t work out for some other reason, they have the freedom to leave and pick another mate. One article called them “the happiest people in Pakistan” Check out these gorgeous pictures of the Kalasha celebrating the spring rites of Zhosi.

Sadly their numbers have dwindled in recent years to less than 4000 people. Although they are looked on with mistrust and perhaps even hatred by some of their Islamic neighbors, they have made considerable progress. They are now protected by the government, but still face pressure to assimilate. The Kalasha speak their own language, the Kalashamondr which is considered endangered. There has been an increase in conversions to Islam among young Kalasha girls,  who have left the community to marry outside Muslim men. This is another threat to the cultural survival of the small Kalasha community, as the Kalasha women play very important roles in their religious festivals. The Kalasha, like many tribal cultures all over the world, are facing cultural extinction. And we as Greco-Egyptian Pagans ought to be especially concerned, as the Kalasha are our distant cousins through Alexander the Great. I encourage you to read as much as you can find about the Kalasha. A good place to start would be The Kalasha Peoples Call for Cultural Survival, the Wikipedia article (which calls them just the “Kalash”), and here and here. I am still looking for other sites and information, so if you find any, please do share! I did fine one book on the Kalasha on which I believe is out of print, so I snatched it up even though it was $50. I don’t usually have the money to do things like that so I am taking advantage of my good luck now!


Also, you can ‘like’ them on Facebook.

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4 Responses to The Kalasha

  1. Stephen Glaser says:

    I have just liked them on Facebook. I see there is a couple of links at the bottom of the page there.

  2. one of the links on the Facebook page is dead, and the other is the “Kalasha People call for Cultural Survival”, which was the first link I included.

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