A poem – In Honor of Athena Owl-Eyed

In Honor of Athena Owl-Eyed

by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Hail Lady, Owl-Eyed Goddess
Daughter of Zeus Almighty
The loud-thundering Olympian King
Who trusts His greatest weapon,
The flashing lightening bolt
Only to You, Great Pallas Athene
You alone wield the full power of Your Father
Invulnerable Warrior

Lady of the City, Protectress of Your people
It is You Who teaches us to live together
To resolve conflicts peacefully
To care for our citizens and to take pride in our cities
You Goddess of all the virtues it takes to live in community
Owl-Eyed Beloved of the Philosophers
The lover of wisdom
Divine Teacher, nurture the learner’s spirit within me
So that I may learn from all I meet

Teach me, Nimble-Fingered One
To work with my hands
To create beauty from within me
Athena Ergane, the Worker’s Goddess,
Who with Hephaistos watches over craftsmen
Teach me to manifest my thoughts in physical form
To shape the world around me as I see fit.

O You Who tamed wild Pegasus
Tame the tumultuous emotions within me
Lend me Your reason, Your clarity of thought
Logical, methodical, General of many armies, Warrioress
Quick are You to rise up and fight injustice
But just as quick to make peace when called for
Lady of the Sword, Athena Areia
Cultivate such fair-mindedness in Your worshipers
So we may defuse conflict wherever possible.

Last I speak of Your great purity
She Who is called Parthenos,
Virgin, Untouched, Inviolate
Though ripe and lovely as You are
You shun the marriage bed,
And value purity above all else.
Though I have not followed Your path of total chastity
I strive always to be pure
In thought, in action, in deed
To reflect a shade, a faction, of Your Divinity
Lady of Wisdom, Defender of Justice,
Look down on Your devotees with favor
As we try to work Your will in the world
Bless us with Your presence, with the tenacity to fight when necessary
And the humility to make peace when called for
Bless us with the wisdom to understand,
and the creativity to bring that understanding into being
Bless us with guidance as we take our first steps on the path of the Hero
And bless us with inner serenity
And the spiritual purity of a little child.

  3 comments for “A poem – In Honor of Athena Owl-Eyed

  1. March 24, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    This is probably the best hymn I’ve ever seen for Athene. It really captures her many sides and your profound affection for her rings out very loudly through it. Well done!

  2. Stephen Glaser
    March 27, 2011 at 4:21 am

    I love that poem. Hail Athena!

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