This week’s festivals

Tuesday was the Ides of March, the death of Julius Caesar. This was my first year celebrating it, although I have always admired him greatly. It was a simple celebration, just myself. I arranged the altar with Roman symbols, such as the she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, and the center was, of course, a picture of Caesar himself. I offered him soy milk mixed with honey. The traditional hero offering is cow milk, but I’m lactose intolerant, I don’t have milk in the house. Also I figure its always meaningful if an offering is actually a sacrifice of something I’ll miss. I wrote a short poem and read it aloud. Not fancy, but I’m glad I did it. I consider Divius Iulius to be one of the ancestral spirits of this Temple, and its always good to connect with them whenever possible. I’m particularly looking forward to celebrating the Martyrdom of Hypatia. It is this coming Tuesday but the Temple will observe it on Friday. This one will be a public ritual, and I have at least one person who is coming for sure and a few others who may come. (herding Pagans is like herding cats, right? Gods forbid we plan ahead a couple of days!) Hypatia has been a personal hero of mine since I was 16 years old, so I am excited.

I’ve been spending several days rearranging my study, trying to find space for all my books which have vastly outgrown my shelving arrangements. My boyfriend built me a couple of shelves from some sturdy scrap wood we had lying around and we put them in the attic. The attic is fast turning into my new library and art room. I go to the local library book sales every month, and I’ve gotten some good books for only 50 cents. Hence my new need of shelves. I’ve also been working on the Temple’s lending library, which is downstairs next to the Temple room. I hope to get a few more copies of Biblotheca Alexandria books for the library soon.

Today is the Procession of Set, which is another day I have never celebrated. I am planning on decorating the altar for it, something I do even for festivals I don’t do rituals for. Picking and choosing what goes on the altar is an act of devotion itself, and while there are too many festivals celebrated by Neos Alexandria for me to do all of them, I like to think about them and have them in my consciousness. I don’t have any statues of Set, but I’ve printed several nice pictures of Him and His wife Nephthys from the Internet. Tomorrow’s class is mostly focusing on Nephthys and Set, actually, so I wanted to have the altar set up for class tomorrow, definitely.

I recently received a generous donation to the Temple, and after much thought decided to buy this gorgeous statue of Hera:

I’m in the process of replacing my Zeus and Hera statues with a more complementary, almost matching pair. The old Hera statue is already promised to one my students, but if somebody would like the Zeus statue I’m giving it away for free, as long as you can pay the price of shipping and packing materials. Contact me at if you are interested.

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