Last night

Last night was fabulous. It couldn’t have gone better. Two other people were in attendance, so I was able to split of the prayers and the hymns between everybody. I like to get everyone involved with ritual, so that was perfect. One of the people who came bought deviled eggs, so the God got a feast of homemade bread, salad, and eggs, as well as Winking Owl white wine and clear water. The altar was beautiful, and included a very large snakeskin from my brother’s red tailed boa. I took pictures to share, but unfortunately my camera is acting up and I can’t seem to get them off of it right now.

The only thing that was slightly dismaying was the amount of candles that we lit for people who needed healing. I didn’t realize that between the three of us we knew so many sick people!! But we also lit candles for Japan and California with the devastation from the earthquake and tsunami. It was very pretty in the dark, anyway. May Asklepios be pleased with our offerings, and heal those we need it, wherever they are.

Today I took my boyfriend, roommate, and soul-mom out to eat at a nice restaurant. My financial situation has stabilized, and right now I feel that I don’t want for anything. I have security, and now that I have money the Gods will be getting better offerings, and I’ll also order more books for the Temple’s lending library. Things are good.

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