Asklepeiea Ritual

Cleansing the Sacred Space

Carrying the khernips, the Priest/ess walks around the ritual area, sprinkling everything with the water. Recite the following as you make your circuit:

“You are washed clean by the life-giving waters of the Nile! You are pure! No man has set foot on you, for you are the primordial mound rising from the broad depths of the Ocean at the First Time. You are pure!”


Orphic Hymn LXVII (To Asklepios)

Great Asklepios, skilled to heal mankind,

all-ruling Paian, and physician kind;

whose arts medicinal can alone assuage

diseases dire, and stop their dreadful rage.

Strong, lenient God, regard my suppliant prayer,

bring gentle health, adorned with lovely hair;

convey the means of mitigating pain,

and raging deadly pestilence restrain.

O power all-flourishing, abundant, bright,

Apollon’s honoured offspring, God of light;

husband of blameless Hygeia (Health),

the constant foe of dread disease, the minister of woe:

come, blessed saviour, human health defend,

and to the mortal life afford a prosperous end.



O Asklepios, mortal-born son of Apollo
Divine Doctor, Holy Physician
Soother of pain, Healer of Disease
Father of blameless Hygeia
Holy Health, Who attends the best of men
Snaky God, Who dwells in the temples of Kos
Who visits the sick in the heat of fever-dreams
And reveals to them the cure of their ailments

Friend of man

We summon You now to attend our work

Son of Apollo Who heals all pains

We ask Your blessings

Clear our bodies of disease

Clear our minds of uncertainty

Clear our spirits of impurity
Come to us now, and accept these offerings,

given in love and devotion.


Pick up the white wine, and say:

“O Asklepios, we bring You white wine, as clear as Your mind which diagnoses disease and finds a cure, As You have healed and comforted us in the past, may this sweet wine bring joy to Your heart.“

Pick up the clear water, and say:

“O Asklepios, we bring You clear water. As You offer the healing waters to all mankind, may this cool water sooth Your soul and quench Your thirst.”


Pick up the food:

“O Asklepios, we bring you also this meal of bread and salad, the most healthful of foods. As we share our feast with You, we ask for Your Presence. Be with us tonight, and always. Help us to make healthy choices, and to remember to that our bodies are sacred, and so we must care for them.”

Light a candle, and say:

“O Asklepios, now we ask for Your blessing of healing for those in our lives who are in need of it.”

Each participant is now allowed to come forward and light a candle for their loved ones. They may speak to Asklepios in their own words in doing so.

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3 Responses to Asklepeiea Ritual

  1. Suz says:

    i really enjoy reading about your rituals, amanda, and steal inspiration from them frequently. thank you for sharing your rites so generously!
    🙂 khairete

  2. Thank you, suz, that is quite a compliment. I do share them in the hope that people will find something useful in their own worship of the Gods.

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