Preparing for tonight’s ritual

I’m getting ready for the Asklepeiea ritual tonight, in celebration of Asklepios, the God of Healing. Several people are coming over to participate. Right now the house is filled with the smell of baking bread, one of the offerings I will be making tonight. I’m looking forward to it. Asklepios used to be my professional patron, when I was still working in the healthcare field. I saw my work as worship of Him, and I wrote a special prayer that I read every day before going to work. I did this to ground my work in my spirituality, to remind myself that what I was doing was sacred. I also performed a weekly ritual of devotion for Him. I am no longer working in healthcare, and as a result I am not nearly as close to Asklepios as I used to be (not that you HAVE to actually be in healthcare to worship Him!) But nevertheless I am extremely fond of Him. After the ritual the participants will light candles for the people in their lives that need healing. I feel very content right now. I have been very blessed.

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1 Response to Preparing for tonight’s ritual

  1. Hail Asklepios! He is, indeed, an amazing god and this sounds like a wonderful ritual in his honor.

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