Regifugium, the Roman Independence Day Ritual

Purify the Circle

walk around the ritual space with the khernips bowl, sprinkling the water around the perimeter. Say:

You are pure! You are pure! By this holy water, this ground is made pure. In the name of Jupiter and Roma, this space is now a holy sanctuary.

Walk in another circle, taking the bowl to each of the worshipers, so they can wash their face and hands. As they are doing so, say:

By this holy water, you are made pure. In the name of Jupiter and Roma, you are holy and fit to enter the Temple.


Barley Offering

Sprinkle barley on the altar, SAYING:

“To the givers of life, Life.”


Statement of Intent

We gather today to celebrate Regifium, the day when more than 2700 years ago the Roman people cast the last of the Tarquin Kings from the city and the glorious Republic was born. For 700 years the light of the Republic burned. Rome was a shining city on a hill, a beacon of freedom where a man could shape his own fate. Today the city on the hill is America, and it is here that new peoples are rebuilding the Eternal City. In out hearts the Gods of Rome live and breathe, for they never died and never shall. Today we celebrate freedom, on all levels, from the national to the personal.


Hymn to Roma

We hail the great Goddess Roma Aeterna, and call Her to our rites.

The civilizing Goddess, Victorious, Amor reversed, Venus progenitor

Of the Roman people, Companion of the great Minerva

Head-born daughter of Jupiter. Roma watches over Her people

Citizens and immigrants alike. With Libertas She stands, Symbol of freedom

And the eternal idea that a man can make his own destiny.

Rome never truly fell, But merely transfigured Herself for a new age.

Roma patiently waited through the centuries, until fresh minds began to open to Her.

With the rebirth of the Pagan Gods, new worshipers were born.

Scattered across the globe, These citizens of a new Rome

Pay offering to the Eternal Goddess, The Eternal City

Watch over us Great Roma, As we struggle in Your Name

To rebuild the sacred city In this new era.

Hail, Glorious Roma, we honor You!!


Hymn to Jupiter

Hail Jupiter, King of the Gods, and call Him to our rites

Greatest of Immortals, King of Olympos,

Father of Gods and Men

As Jupiter Capitalinus you watch over the state, ensuring fair elections

And whispering wisdom in our leader’s ears

You balance the weight of world’s in Your hands

And see to the welfare of every single citizen

It is You Who watched over Rome as it grew,

It is You Who inspires love of country, the patriotism that swells in our breasts when we see out flag

Hail, Zeus, Guardian of Rome, we honor You!


Hymn to Mars

We hail Mars and call Him to our rites

Bearing arms, the God of War, of the conflict that causes us to grow

Only through friction can we learn, grow past ourselves, and conquer our fears

O Mars, Who gives us the courage to fight for our convictions

You also are guardian of Rome. Great Mars, born of Juno Queen of Heaven,

it was You Who inspired the Roman people to rise up

To cast the last of the Kings from Italian soil

Ans institute democratic government

It was You Who whispered words of revolution in the ears of the Founding Fathers

Causing the colonists to rise up, like the Romans of old, to the cry of “Freedom!”

Teach us to fight for our rights, and to face the future bravely.

Warlike Mars, Inspirer of revolts, we honor You.

Hymn to Libertas

We hail Libertas and call Her to our rites

Lady Liberty, ancient Goddess of freedom

You began Your life under the aegis of Roman Jupiter

With noble Roma You civilized the world

And taught each man that it is everyone’s duty to safeguard the freedom of the many

200 years ago You joined hands with Mars

To inspire the Founding Fathers, George Washington, Paul Revere, all the heroes of the American Revolution

You slumbered through the dark ages, and awoke, inflamed, on the shores of this new land

Today You are in Tunisia, in Egypt, in Libya

In the voices of all the opposed to who cry out for freedom.

Teach us to free ourselves and to help our brothers and sister.

We pray not just for our country,

but all our kinsmen overseas in this tumultuous time.

Lady Liberty Who stands in our harbor, we honor You.



All You Gods we have hailed tonight, and many more Who have remained unnamed, we thank You for Your Presence, and we offer You sweet wine, the joy of life, and olive oil, the gift of magnificent Athena-Minerva.

We offer also the first bites of our feast, this soup and bread, the staples of life. We invite You to share our feast, and stay longer if You wish.

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