A Few Links of Interest

First is a fascinating article on the Living Goddesses of Nepal, the Kumari

The Phoenix Goddess Temple, which is dedicated to the concept of sacred sexuality, is being examined by the Phoenix New Times. This article is colored with extremely negative perceptions on the part of the reporter and suspicious “experts”, but it is interesting to Pagans and others of a more open mind, “New Agers” the article seems to consider them. James Pitzl—Waters over at the Wild Hunt has covered some of the legal adventures of this Temple before.

The Altar of the 12 Gods is re-discovered in Athens

Sannion, known off-line as H. Jeremiah Lewis, reports on his blog that his newest book on the worship of Dionysos is very near completion, and may even be released as early as April. I am very excited to hear this! I love all of Lewis’ work, and he has been very formative in my own spiritual development over the years. I look forward to the opportunity to gain more insight into his experiences and to learn as much as I can from him.

Lastly I bring your attention to “Project Conversion”, where writer Andrew Bowen spends a month studying, worshiping, and being completely immersed in one religion before moving on to the next in the next month. In January he studied Hinduism, he is currently studying Baha’i, and in March he moves on to Zoroastrianism (he is “converting to Wicca in October”). What an amazing idea! I wonder how this will affect him in the long run. There is no way this won’t change his world. I suspect that is the point.Here is his video wrap-up of his study of Hinduism. I look forward to watching the others, and reading the rest of his blog!

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2 Responses to A Few Links of Interest

  1. Thanks for the shout out and I’m glad that my work has touched you in that way. Hearing you say that totally made my day. 🙂

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