Religious Observations, and Pop Culture reminds me of Antinous (I’m crazy)

Hi everyone. Sorry its been so long since I blogged, I got unbelievably sick. I’m doing much better now, but for a while all I could do was sleep. It wasn’t even the kind of cold where I could lie in bed with a laptop and work on my writing. No, I was really out of it.

But now the consequences of my sickness is that I’m behind on my classwork. I am usually a week ahead with the writing for the Olympos in Egypt class, but now I’m not even finished with this Sunday’s class. Writing for Demeter is like pulling teeth for me. Even though I love to grow my own food, I’ve just not had much interaction with Demeter. I realize that this is my own bias, largely because I had a bad mother-daughter relationship during my childhood, and so my negative experience has poisoned my view of Demeter and blocked me from connecting with Her. Doing the interviews with Demeter worshipers has been helpful, but I’m going to try to connect with Her better this year as I plan my garden and get ready to plant in the next few months.

I’m getting ready for Regifugium, the Roman independence day, which was technically yesterday but I am celebrating tomorrow, in a public ritual. The Potluck will begin around 6pm or 6:30, and at 7 we will do a ritual offering to Roma, Jupiter, and Libertas, followed by a guided meditation for personal freedom and some drumming. (if you are planning on attending, bring your drums! If you have extra, bring them too! We want to have enough to go around.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Antinous lately. I have not had time to do any more rituals or devotions for Him (I plan to), but He’s been on my mind. We are in the time of the year for Antinous the Navigator. While contemplating him, my mind keeps turning to Castiel , a character on my favorite tv show Supernatural. At first I thought this was just a byproduct of my over-active, fangirl brain. I’m a huge fan of the (subtextal) homoerotic relationship between him and one of show’s other characters, Dean Winchester, and have even written fanfiction for the couple (here and here). Although Castiel is depicted as physically older than Antinous, they are both ethereal, eternal figures, full of wisdom and knowledge. poor Castiel is still pretty awkward around humans, but he has become a lot tougher in this season, leading a faction in the angels’ civil war in Heaven. This reminded me of Phillipus’ description of Antinous the Liberator, a fierce warrior-type protector of those He loves. Sigh, my brain is strange. I managed to talk about Supernatural on my religious blog. I’m crazy, I know.

Lastly I leave you with this very funny video, because laughter is always the best medicine, and I was laughing all through this video.

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2 Responses to Religious Observations, and Pop Culture reminds me of Antinous (I’m crazy)

  1. Your readers interested in Antinous may also find my novel about Hadrian and Antinous, “THE HADRIAN ENIGMA: A Forbidden History”, appealing. It is available as an ebook or paperback via Amazon. Reviews & full details are at the website blog.

  2. I’ll add that to the list of books to get when I get some money. Unfortunately that may be a while.

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