Round-up of interesting Links

First of all, the Maetreum of Cybele, Magna Mater, a Pagan monastic order in Catkill, NY, has been fighting for tax exempt status for five years. Their battle has been fineally getting attention, from the the New York Times and the Daily Mail. The good news is that the New York Times article is pretty sympathetic, but the reporter says that the city’s objection didn’t have to do with religion but use of the building. The Maetreum has issued a response correcting this statement. The link above will also keep you updated on their legal battles if you are interested in following them more closely.

Galina Krasskova interviews Tess Dawson, the editor of the forthcoming Bibliotheca Alexandria devotional Anointed, for the Middle-Eastern Deities. It’s a fascinating read about Canaanite Reconstructionism, and a reminder to Hellenics and Kemetics that some Recons have it rougher than us!

Galina also interveiws Rebecca Buchacan, the editor of Eternal Haunted Summer and editor-in-chief of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

And in the realm of amusing, Kali gets a credit card

And, lastly, Cara Schlutz begins a video series about the building of modern Pagan Temples:

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