How Anubis came into my life

Anubis, at a basic level, is a guide. He guides us to the afterlife, and when we have lost our way. He cares for all lost souls. Anubis is a Messenger, carrying messages from the living to their deceased loved ones on the other side, and back again. In the last two years, Anubis has become very prominent in my life. Anubis has practically taken over all my spirit-work in the last six months to a year. I’ve decided to start doing a monthly personal ritual for Anubis to support my bond with Him. (I have a weekly one for Athena I’m beginning as well). He was frequently invoked in magic and divination in the ancient world. This connection has certainly held true in the modern world, at least for me.

When I first called Him, it was in a ritual for the UU Pagan group that I spent months working on. I wrote the hymns myself and worked hard to memorize them. I wanted to project a proper Egyptian air, so I dressed in Middle-Eastern style clothes as it was the closest I had. I even shaved my head, because the wab priests and priestesses would shave all the hair off their bodies as a symbol of purity

It was for the Festival of Anubis as He Travels to the Necropolises, which takes place in late summer when Anubis’ star rises, not long before the Indundation of the Nile. During this festival Anubis is believed to travel across the world and visit every Necropolis, every cemetery, every lonely grave. He can carry messages to our beloved dead at this time. I gave a time in the ritual for the participants to come forward and speak to their loved ones on the Other Side. The energy was incredible and everyone was impressed and enjoyed the ritual.

It was wonderful, but I did not intend to have a lasting relationship with Him. But what can I say? He followed me home. For weeks after the ritual I felt His Presence. I felt Him watching me as I finished my second shift job and walked to my car at midnight. At one point, after work I spontaneously stopped at McDonalds to get one of the fancy coffees I love. But instead of drinking it myself, I decided to sneak into one of the cemeteries near my home and offer it to Anubis. It was a half hour after midnight, and. it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I was terrified of being caught, but I could fill my skin humming with energy, fill all the spirits around me. Anubis came on stronger then any God I have ever felt except for Dionysos. Ever since, whenever I read tarot or do divination of any kind, Anubis is there, even when I didn’t call Him.

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1 Response to How Anubis came into my life

  1. Alyx says:

    I was filling with energy as I read this, I’m envious – Truly envious. I’ve started to spot signs of Anubis threw out my daily life, and I always get goose-bumps thinking that he’s noticed me. I’ve been trying too hard to have him speak to me, I think. Perhaps I should be patient and just continue on my path – Ahaa! Bright blessings.

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