Busy Religious Schedule

Things are about to get very busy for me religiously. This Friday I’m holding a public Adoration of Aphrodite ritual. This is not a ancient festival but a modern ritual I wrote to celebrate the Golden Goddess since we are so close to Valentine’s Day and I didn’t want to do Lupercalia. I don’t want to sanitize Lupercalia.

Then Sunday Anthesteria begins, one of my favorite Greek holidays celebrating Dionysos. I thought about doing a public Anthesteria festival, but I decided that I do not want to try to pack all three days into one night like I did with Saturnalia. Each day of Anthesteria has its own feel and energy, and trying to do one ritual on one night would be a huge disservice. Since I teach my classes on Sundays, I’ll teach about Anthesteria so my students can celebrate on their own at home if they like. Monday, of course, is Valentine’s Day, and also the second day of Athesteria, when the Queen is ritually married to Dionysos in the oxshed. What a beautiful “coincidence”! I love when these little synchronicities happen.

Friday the 25th I will be holding a public ritual for Regifugium, the Roman Independence Day.

During all this I will still be teaching my Greco-Egyptian Paganism classes on Sundays, open hours at the Temple from 4 pm – 7pm Thursdays, participating in some of the children’s activities and the Pagan group at the local Unitarian church, and trying to keep up with my writing schedule and appointments with doctors and my caseworker. I’m also going to try to keep blogging. I really have to quit wasting time on Facebook games.

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